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 Ibiza Resident 


What is Ibiza Resident?

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Ibiza Resident is Ibiza's member based society for people who live on Ibiza. We give out the one & only digital resident pass that holds everything good of Ibiza. 100% ads free - all to ensure that the local businesses are fully supported. Every business can be published for free on our platform - as long as they give something back to the Resident community!

Why? Ibiza Resident started in Corona times in a time that businesses need your resident loyalty more than ever. This is why you will get rewarded by the use of services in the best ways they can! #itscooltoberesident


What will you get?


  • Tasty freebies at an endless selection of the highest rated restaurants (free bottle of wine, extra courses + more!) #alwayssomethingforfreewhenyoudine #chooseyourreward

  • Free entrance to SPA's & pools of Ibiza's class A hotels

  • Free private shopping events for you and your friends at the coolest shops with: exclusive discounts, drinks & bites

  • Free Coaching;  Every month we offer a selection of courses of our islands' heroes of marketing, life coaching, therapies & business consultancy  100% free 

  • Free yoga & boot camp sessions of our islands' best teachers for members of Ibiza

  • Free entrance to our 3 X per year food fests 

  • Very special half price hotel vouchers 4 Formentera weekends

  • Free Coworking in a selection of coworking spaces  

  • Much more activities with rewards for Residents...

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Start to support local business now by becoming a member of Ibiza Resident. 

& In exchange we will support your wallet! This means you will instantly save money.  360º Support from Residents to Residents. A 100% add free platform, made possible by your membership with a monthly cancellable subscription. 

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